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Patented Securlap Mechanism

SECURLAP is an innovative sectional garage door due to its unique patented trackless operation

SECURLAP brings a clever technical solution when space inside or outside the garage is limited. Unlike most sectional doors, the SECURLAP is entirely trackless and comprises of only two door panels which are centrally hinged and lift vertically upon opening, halving the amount of internal space required to operate. Just 200mm headroom is required. The door panels are lifted using a counterweight system and the operator embedded in the top rail of the frame. The door raises, folds back in half, rotates and splits into 2 sections, with the lower section sliding beneath the upper one

The door panels remain completely inside the garage at every point in its operation; whether the door is open, closed, opening or closing.

This lack of protrusion is particularly important in locations where the garage faces directly onto a public space( street or pavement).


Concealed, incorporated in top rail


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