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Supplying, Installing, Servicing & Repairing Silvelox garage doors throughout Southern England.

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BDS has been supplying, installing, servicing and repairing Silvelox garage doors since 2006, over 15 years of experience, knowledge and skills.
We focus exclusively and only on the specification, supply, installation, servicing and repair of Silvelox garage doors.
We work directly with Silvelox’s team in Italy to ensure that the advice we give, parts we order and service we offer is of the highest quality and meets all safety specifications required.

Services, Spares and Repairs

We provide maintenance services, spares and repairs for Silvelox garage doors across the South of England*.

If your Silvelox garage door needs a service or repair, please give our team a call.

We will ask you give us as much information as possible about the door and the fault,  and to email us a photograph of the Door Plate on the back of the door, as this will help us and the team at Silvelox identify your door and find useful information about it.

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All replacement parts are supplied from Silvelox and carry a 2 year warranty.

*Please note that we reserve the right not to undertake work on doors that have been “repaired” without prior authorization from Silvelox, and in circumstances, where we believe safety or safety regulations could be compromised.

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